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Here at PRO-FORM we export to over 60 countries. We’re always interested in hearing from like-minded companies who want to join us in transforming the pickup and ute market across the globe.

Our business is built together by four values of quality, service, partnership and innovation. We believe these values set us apart from the competition.

Quality | Right first time

We know customers expect quality, the first time and every time. Quality is at the heart of our company culture. Our processes are set up to ensure that all our products meet our quality standards. When you see the PRO-FORM label, you know you’re receiving a top quality product. We have backed this up by obtaining the international quality standard ISO:9001.

In 2016 PRO-FORM was awarded the General Motors Supplier Excellence Award for the second year running. Only 27 suppliers out of 4,000 won this award, and only a few have ever won the award two years in a row.


Service | Meaningful experience

PRO-FORM is known for our outstanding service, and we continue to pursue the highest standard of service. Customers can expect this high standard from everyone in the business, not just the sales and customer services team. Everyone at PRO-FORM understands that our customers and product users are the most important part of our business success.

“Great product, great company. I purchased the SportGuard tub liner in Australia and proceeded to lose a couple of the tailgate plugs, one email later and a bag of replacements were on their way from NZ no questions asked. Hard to find that kind of customer service over here.” – Daniel Banta, Facebook 5 star review

Partnerships | Together is better

We believe working in partnerships is far better than going it alone. That’s why at PRO-FORM we put a huge emphasis on getting to know your business, your needs and how we can help. We view a relationship with you and your company as a long-term endeavour. We always value feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our interactions and create the best experience for both of us. We also offer a high level of marketing support, offering social media exposure, brochures, videos, pictures and advice to help you succeed in your market.

Innovation |  Ahead of the curve

We know the cost of innovation doesn’t come lightly, but the reward of creating new and better solutions is highly gratifying. Want it, learn it, try it, earn it are four principles we’ve built into our company culture, and are a big focus of our training and recruitment. Want it, learn it, try it, earn it has guided us into many successful innovations which are changing how the world accessorises pickup trucks.

ABS Canopies | The worlds first plastic canopy shell
SportGuard | The worlds first sectional liner of this kind
Tango | The worlds first bed-rail accessory docking system
Sportlid for Tango | The worlds first hybrid plastic/aluminium Sportlid

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