Fiat Fullback 2016+ Accessories

You've selected the Fiat Fullback 2016 to current. This is the double cab version of the Fullback. PRO-FORM Fullback products will fit both the four wheel and two wheel drive versions. PRO-FORM sell a range of plastic bed liner options for the Fullback including over-rail bedliner, under-rail bedliners and our premium SportGuard.

ACCESSORIES FOR YOUR Fiat Fullback 2016+


Keeping your load covered, your gear secure and your journey on track since 1994. Pro-Form’s first SportLid, was launched in 2005, 14 years on we have refined our Tonneau cover to bring you the best performing SportLid yet.

Whether you are looking for a cover that will seamlessly blend with your vehicle, or you want functionality, SportLid has all bases covered.

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Our SportGuard is the evolutionary step forward in the process of bedliner progression. Using an innovative five-piece design, the SportGuard overcomes many limitations of its predecessor – the traditional bedliner. The SportGuard is an under-rail liner solution.


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Bedliner Under-Rail | Mitsubishi Triton / Fiat Fullback


The Mitsubishi Triton L200 / Fiat Fullback under-rail bedliner is close fitting to maximise your pickup bed space while providing a stylish and un-intrusive look to your pickup / ute. Made from a high density polyethylene material our bed liners are highly durable as well as chemical and UV resistant. This liner is formed specifically for the Mitsubishi Triton / Fiat Fullback to ensure the closest possible fit.



sits below the side rails meaning it has a closer fit and is less intrusive as over-rail bedliner options. Made from a High Density Polyethylene material PRO-FORM bedliners are highly durable as well as chemical and UV resistant. Formed specifically for the Triton / Fullback, we assure the closest possible fit.

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Bedliner Over-rail | Mitsubishi Triton / Fiat Fullback


The Mitsubishi Triton L200 and Fiat Fullback over-rail bedliner provides great protection by covering not only the whole inside of the vehicle bed but also by covering the top of the vehicle beds side rails. This is the main difference in the over-liner bedliner versus the under-rail bedliners.


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