Here at PRO-FORM we believe in Inspiring Transformation.

PRO-FORM, an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, is a team of automotive accessory professionals who aim to continuously transform the pickup accessory market and inspire others to follow their lead. PRO-FORM is committed to learning and trying new ways. It earns its world-class status of excelling in the global plastics market.

A big part of PRO-FORM’s success has been its vertical integration. PRO-FORM provides a complete service, including design, tool making, production and international logistics. Based in New Zealand and exporting to 60 countries, PRO-FORM operates some of the largest extrusion and vacuum forming equipment in the Southern Hemisphere. See below to see more about what we do.

Innovation & Product Development

PRO-FORM has an experienced R&D and tooling team that is continuously challenging the status quo and redefining the future for the pickup truck market.  Research and development capabilities include conceptual design and development, consumer testing, verification testing, product launch, rapid prototyping, testing and production tooling. Product development capabilities include 3D laser scanning and OEM data utilisation, Solid Works and Powershape CAD packages, Catia and Unigraphics through translation, in-house pattern making up to 4m x 2m, in-house prototype and production tooling, in-house production engineering, jigging and check fixture manufacturing.


Plastic Sheet Extrusion Manufacturing

PRO-FORM has a large extrusion team that converts plastic masterbach granules into usable plastic sheet. We have three large sheet extrusion lines which often run around the clock. We offer a range of materials that are used externally and for our own automotive products including PE, ABS, ASA, PP and TPE. Multi-layer co-extrusion up to seven layers and post-extrusion CNC routing. Because we thermoform and extrude our own plastic in house, we can get a 100% recovery of plastic off-cuts and waste.

Plastic sheet manufacturing extrusion lines with ABS and HDPE

Thermoforming Manufacturing

PRO-FORM has a very large team of thermoformers that use 10 large thermoforming machines to produce plastic bedliners, SportLids, canopies, cargoliners and also some non-automotive products, including horse and cattle feeders. We can thermoform sheet gauge up to 12mm and at a size of 4×2 metres, with capability of a deep draw of up to 1.2m and plug assist and pre-stretch options. Thermoforming is a key part of our business and we have had great success in supplying the world with large thermoformed parts, particularly for the automotive industry since 1993.

bedliner thermoformer at proform plastics

Production Engineering, Automation & Assembly

We have a range of people who work in our production engineering team who help make our manufacturing operation run smoothly and efficiently. Our capabilities include six post-forming automated trimming robots and nine automated CNC trimming machines. All thermoforming and extrusion operations are also fully automated.

Our assembly team capabilities include non-proprietary componentry sourcing, gluing, trimming, componentry assembly, A-class colour matching, painting and customer specific labeling and packing.

manufacturing automation and assembly of automotive plastic parts


Logistics and Supply Chain

We export over 500 containers every year, which has meant we’ve adopted very efficient and well-established packaging SOPS to ensure freight efficiency and delivery in good condition. We can also consolidate mixed SKUs into individual orders. We arrange documentation and freight forwarding, as well as customer order tracking and updates.

Our supply chain includes international procurement from Asia, Middle East, USA, Europe and Australasia. Our European and Australian warehousing enable DFS shipping and improved customer service.