PRO-FORM; ‘re-shaping the future of big plastics’.

PRO-FORM is a team of professionals who are continuously re-shaping the world of big plastics. A team committed to re-thinking, trying new ways and who earn their world-class status of excelling in the global large plastics market.

PRO-FORM believes in a ‘re-think’ attitude which is not only applied to the products they make but also into quality, sustainability and partnerships which they continuously take time to reflect and ask, can it be done better?

PRO-FORM provides a complete large plastics service from design, tool making, production and international logistics. Based in New Zealand and exporting to 60 countries, PRO-FORM operates some of the largest plastic extrusion and vacuum forming equipment in the Southern Hemisphere.


PRO-FORM take pride in delivering high-quality products with the end-use in mind. As an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer quality is embedded into every process they take.


Re-shaping the world of plastics means re-thinking what’s already been done. PRO-FORM aim to challenge the impossible and form their own shape into the future. 


PRO-FORM understands that working together is better than going in alone. That’s why they value partnerships highly and aim to provide only the best support and service towards their customers and collaborators to re-shape big plastics together. 


Because many of PRO-FORM’s manufacturing inputs come from non-renewable sources they are committed to the use of re-cycled materials and the reuse of internal by-products; and actively seek opportunities for end-of-life recovery.

Our purpose is to re-shape the world of big plastics, not only just by delivering excellent products, but also by offering world-class quality, innovation, partnerships, and sustainability.

Nick Smith, CEO