Our History

In 1994, Tony Smith and Ferris Townsend formed Proform Plastics (now called PRO-FORM) with the aim of manufacturing and marketing a range of truck bedliners for the international market. Construction of the first
thermoforming machine and 12 key wooden moulds began in an old disused poultry shed in Cambridge, New Zealand.

A few months later, in the early hours of the morning, the team of four completed the first single shuttle T1 thermoforming machine (still in its original form today). The first bedliners were run and in April 1995 the first
delivery went to a customer in Nelson, New Zealand.


Pro-form history

In the late 1990s PRO-FORM expanded its core products to include canopy shells as well as bedliners. PRO-FORM began developing relationships with international distributors and OEM customers. Exhibiting at many international automotive shows like SEMA (Las Vegas) and Automechanika (Germany) our profile began to grow.

From humble beginnings to a hugely successful, world-renowned company. PRO-FORM is a true New Zealand export success story.


Over the past 20 years PRO-FORM has continually evolved – with more sophisticated manufacturing capabilities, the introduction of robotics, extrusion, new mould-making techniques and thermoforming technology. Our production capacity has grown hugely, as has our ability to supply to OEM customers. Likewise, the products we offer have grown in complexity, range and innovation with the introduction of canopies, sportlid, cargoliners and sheet to the traditional bedliner product.

The most important part of our history and the driving force behind what makes PRO-FORM successful is the people. A team committed to continued learning, trying new ways and who earn their world-class status of excelling in the global plastics market.