PRO-FORM Thermoplastic Elastomer Sheet (TPE)

PRO-FORM thermoplastic elastomers combines the processing properties of thermoplastics with the properties of vulcanised rubber. The result is a unique material which is extremely tough, flexible and grippy, making it the perfect solution for car boot mats and many other non-slip applications.

This material also sees its qualities lend to other industries such as agricultural, medical, construction and logistics. PRO-FORM has a high output of TPE plastic sheet as it is manufactured for our cargo-liner boot mats and our SportGuard non-skid bedliner for utes.  

TPE also lends itself as a great capping option to provide a non-slip surface on the top or bottom layer of co-extruded sheet.

PRO-FORM TPE Specifications & Engineering

  • Slip resistance
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • High chemical resistance
  • Thermoforms well
  • Shock absorption

PRO-FORM TPE Sheet Capabilities

  • Supplied in sheets or rolls
  • UV or chemical additives optional
  • Co-extrusion available
  • Levant or haricell finish

Common TPE Applications

PRO-FORM’s TPE blend is used in their high-quality cargo liners which are approved for sale in many OEM companies. It also lends itself to the floor of the SportGuard liner. TPE can also be found in many other products including in, non-skid mats and protective covers.  

TPE Recycling

  • TPE is fully recyclable
  • PRO-FORM practice lean manufacturing and re-use material off-cuts where possible into internal applications
  • PRO-FORM offer end-of-life solutions such as off-cuts to be supplied back to PRO-FORM
  • PRO-FORM are actively seeking new opportunities to use recycled materials. If you know of any potential recycling products or projects then please get in touch, they’d love to talk.